Structured cabling is the backbone that supports your organization’s entire communications infrastructure. There is no more important technological investment that you will make. So it is critical that your structured cabling infrastructure meet current standards while keeping an eye toward continued future viability.

Depending upon the size of your organization, structured cabling can fall into six subsystems.

Entrance Facilities – where your network bridges the outside world
Equipment Rooms – which serve users in your building(s)
Telecommunications Rooms – which house telecommunications equipment linking the backbone and horizontal subsystems
Backbone Cabling – which connect entrance, equipment and telecommunications rooms
Horizontal Cabling – which connections telecommunications to individual outlets
Work-Area Components – which connect the end user.

Falcon Data Networks specializes in structured cabling infrastructures that meets the specific requirements of your organization. In fact, our managing partners have over 35 years combined experience doing just that – ensuring that their clients have the systems they need, reliably, cost-effectively, and into the future.